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Brains' Way of Healing by Norman Doige

The Brain’s Way of Healing

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Neuorplasticity is a relatively new field in mainstream neurological medicine but for those of us who have worked in the ‘alternative’ therapy sector, we are not surprised by some of the research findings now being reported by Western medicine.

Of course the brain has incredible powers to heal – if any medication did this, it would be the most talked about drug in the history.

This article by Brian Bethune talks more about Norman Doige’s theories and discoveries.

The Brain’s Way of Healing

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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy helps sufferers of ADHD, Autism, Aspergers

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Children all need support during their development

Here’s an interesting article on how Biodynamic Craniosacral  Therapy is being used to help support children with ADHD, Autism  and Aspergers.  Angela Wheeler explains, “Over activation of the  child’s nervous system can result in excitability, lack of  concentration, poor sleep and an over-sensitive body. BCST  enables the child’s nervous system settle by bringing balance to  their body through the nerves and associated structures.”