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Not bad for a man in his 70s!

Back from holidays

Gosh, time is going quick! It’s already over 4 wks since I got back from my surprisingly sunny UK trip. On a family holiday in Greece I walked in on my dad doing a ….. Head Stand.  Yup on the light apartment mattress, the fast walking his legs type of head stand, arms outstretched, the type that scares most body workers (wish I had recorded it!) Not bad for someone in his mid 70s. Makes you wonder how big a part our environment,  emotional conditions and lifestyle choices are connected to our physical ailments and also our physical well-being.

I am very lucky to have my parents ayurveda/yogic influences in my life. In Ayurveda there is a saying that your Agni – the fire in your belly is the most important indicator of your health – your emotional and physical well being is depended on it – most diseases have it’s beginnings in your digestive system. Any type of stress has a tendency to automatically affect you in your gut which can than lead to other ailments. So let’s not mess with our Agni, our fire, and treat it with the respect it deserves!

On a different topic, just want to say how great it was to fly with Singapore Airlines. I love Singapore Airport, the 6 hr wait flew by, swimming on the roof top spa, the free feet and calf massage machines along the terminal, the friendly customs staff. The great world movie choices on the plane, even Bollywood.  Sorry for making the people around me jump, just after take off.  I started to watch a thriller with Samuel Jackson –  I forgot where I was and gave out a scream and jumped up – not a good look on a plane!!!!

Any hoo, I am back in the flow of things, working intuitively on clients, bringing in my knowledge from various therapies and aiming to work with the therapy your body resonates with most. 

love bxx

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy helps sufferers of ADHD, Autism, Aspergers

Child playing with blocks
Children all need support during their development

Here’s an interesting article on how Biodynamic Craniosacral  Therapy is being used to help support children with ADHD, Autism  and Aspergers.  Angela Wheeler explains, “Over activation of the  child’s nervous system can result in excitability, lack of  concentration, poor sleep and an over-sensitive body. BCST  enables the child’s nervous system settle by bringing balance to  their body through the nerves and associated structures.”


New Year resolutions

Yaay January 2014! what started off as a daunting prospect, my wish to carry on working in the field where my strengths are, where I feel I can be/am one source of support along an individual’s path to self healing against my requirement for a regular consistent income! Should I get a job?! well when it came to the crunch I did not want to ignore my years of studying, knowledge and wisdom I have built up through the years and being lucky enough to find what I love and being good at it. With that mindset I sent it out their in my meditations, to the universe, angels, source, lord ganesh (Hindu god of remover of obstacles), all my intentions for 2014 including a very good standard of income and at least 1 yearly trip to the UK!

Well January 2014 turned out to be the busiest month I have had since moving to Australia – sold more gift vouchers in one month than any other time, clients I saw ignited in me more passion in my work, my goals and it feels great – I wish this to continue and thrive.

I realise it’s all about networking and putting myself out there is the way to go and attracting clients that have been recommending me has been the best – thank you very much, it is very much appreciated.

I am feeling very much supported – so much so that i was talking to a friend on my mbl that i would like a very cheap dvd player, at the time I was walking towards my lift (a small automatic car is also on my list!) – well on my path I see a DVD player, I step over it and carry on walking for a full 5 minutes, it’s probably junk and thrown away because it doesn’t work – than it dawned on me, I asked for a DVD player – I go back and pick it up and hey presto, its a good Sony player that works perfectly – got me thinking how many other signs I have ignored!

Coming back to my goals, one of my goals in my treatments is to help clients tap into an innate resource of strength and a level of accountability to their own healing – this is the basis of long-term change and healing.
With that in mind I will be posting health tips of the week or month depending on my schedule – I am about to learn WordPress so I can make the tips more interesting to look at but till than it will be via good old mobile. (My battery is about to go so will get around to posting the first health tip in the week).
Here’s to being with our health – one of lifes most important tools. Love bxx