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The single best massage I’ve ever had in my life, but so much more than a massage. I was anxious and stressed when I visited Bharti, but walked out of my session with her feeling physically, mentally, and emotionall renewed.
Neil F.

I started seeing Bharti after having had a broken collarbone for six years and two operations. Within a few weeks I had turned a corner and felt like I was on the path to recovery. Not only did she treat my ailment, she helped me adopt better attitudes towards my healing.

Simon H.

Bharti is the best massage therapist I have seen. She is very intuitive, very thorough and powerful, her massages are a very special experience.
Luisa C.

Waves coming to shore

It is not often that a therapist will live up to my expectations of a great massage but Bharti certainly did. A very powerful and healing technique with an obvious in-depth knowledge and understanding of the body. Strong and deep massage felt as if it really made a difference to my body and mind. Very healing and cathartic. Many thanks.
Zerlina O

Bharti’s range of skills makes for a unique experience. Just wonderful.
Ruth S.



Bharti’s healing hands surpass all others. She is a fireball of energy who puts her mind, body and spirit into each session. Whether your ailment is physical or emotional, her unique massage/treatments will revitalize and bring you to a new level of body awareness.
C. Belhasine


My massage with Bharti was like nothing before. She managed to get to the knots and tension points that I had long since given up on ever releasing and you feel totally confident and comfortable in her hands. How can someone so tiny be so powerful!

Nadine N.



After years of trying for a baby, I strongly believe it was Bharti’s unique powerful treatments and great advice that allowed me to maintain a constant serenely balanced state. I was pregnant within 3mths of seeing her. I highly recommend you try one of her fabulous treatments.
Saran W.

Apart from leaving feeling blissfully relaxed Bharti offers a chance to explore a spiritual aspect to take home and treasure. Wonderful.
Kathini C.

ProteaBharti’s massages are real treats – not just treatments.
Hayley G.


A magical experience – I felt cocooned with love.
Hilary D.


A totally wonderful experience, very therapeutic even though I didn’t think I needed it.
Dr Karen D.


I have been coming to Bharti for a monthly two hour massages/reflexology for nearly ten years. (I can’t believe she’s going [to Australia]). The biggest compliment I can pay Bharti is that I would be going for the rest of my life if one were not leaving. I have no health issues – I’m fairly fit and into sport, skiing, diving, etc,- but twelve years ago I did hurt my back and I had a re-current nagging problem until I started seeing Bharti regularly. Since then, I have been pretty much consistently well, fit, flexible and without aches and pains despite being in my forties and having a typical sedentary office job. I would describe Bharti’s massages as robust but relaxing. She knows about a lot more than Indian massage – nutrition, reflexology, reiki, but to me, she’ll always be the best massage therapist, first and foremost.
Julie L.

View down a pathIncredibly thoughtful and considerate about your general health and wellbeing. In a different league to any massage/treatment I have experienced before. Takes such time to really cater for your needs and problem points. Very helpful advice given as well. Thank you and good luck.
Lucy H.

I can truly say that I have enjoyed some of the best treatments I have ever had with Bharti. She’s been a confidante, excellent therapist and gifted with insight and caring about her fellow human beings. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bharti to anyone. I will miss her knowledge and and massage combinations and techniques very much.
Georgette H.

I have been coming to Bharti for over twelve years so I must be happy with the service! She combines a high level of technical skills with a vast interest in the client’s welfare. I recommend her without hesitation.   Gerry M.


I have been seeing Bharti for over 2 years now and am really sad to see her go [to Australia]. When I first saw Bharti, I was in pain with my back. Bharti listened to me and talked to me about why I was suffering. The difference Bharti made was incredible not only to my back, but also to my wellbeing. I would recommend her to anyone and can only say that my loss is your gain. Good luck Bharti and I will let you know when I’m in Melbourne!
Rob L.


Dear Bharti, You apply various methods whenever needed – your skills and professional treatments are fabulous. The reflexology is super, you listen and give excellent advice. To try you is to adopt you!
Eliane B.