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Ear candling (+Indian head massage)

Session includes a lovely Indian Head Massage

There has been variations of Ear Candling used by many cultures since ancient times. In ancient times ear candling has been used in a form of ritual to draw out impurities and blockages within the body.

It is also a safe and gentle alternative method of cleansing the ear canal and any residuals of past infections.

Ear candlingDuring the Ear Candling session, you will feel the candle being carefully inserted into your ear. You may hear some crackling and popping, the warmth of the candle creates a gentle vacuum, which in turn softens the wax and begins pulling the excessive wax and other toxic materials out of the ear and into the candle.

Ear Candling is used to relieve conditions of the Head and Ear area, such as sinus problems. The ear, nose, sinuses and throat are all interconnected, and so candling has the effect of regulating and balancing the pressure in the ears as well as the whole of the upper respiratory tract.

Ear Candling has many benefits and can help with a variety of conditions:Autumn leaves

  • Improvement in hearing
  • Earaches are often caused by mucous blown into the ear from the eustachian tube, Ear Candling often releases this fluid pressure and thus relieves the pain
  • Sinusitus can be relieved as the pressure in your sinus area decreases bringing relief to the sinus related heachaches
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ear, inner ear imbalance problems)
  • Hayfever and rhinitus
  • Colds
  • Tension headaches
  • Travel sickness
  • Jet-lag
  • Snoring
  • and much more……

It is also great to have Ear Candling before flying.

The Ear Candling takes approximately 30mins and the Indian Head Massage is included in the remainder of the session.

The aim of the session is to leave you feeling balanced, clear headed and deeply relaxed.


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